May 1, 2012

Container Gardening...made simple!

Well the weather is warm actually hot here in NC and we've planted simple ferns in a few shady spots around the house.  We also planted our urns by the front door with impatiens and asparagus the combination.  Let's hope they hold up well in the afternoon sun!  Here are a few pics...

We pot ferns in this same shady spot every year...and they thrive!  And check out our elephant ears below.  The hubby planted those with simple bulbs.  Every year they grow bigger and bigger.  Both these plants really love the hot temperatures and sweltering NC humidity here.

And check out our rhododendrons this year...they're huge!  One thing I love to plant every year are container gardens filled with a variety of plants and flowers.  There's just something fun about mixing color, texture and height...all in the same pot.  But every year I struggle with which plant combinations to use.
I recently came across a great website called...Container Gardening For You!  This site takes the guess work out of which plant combinations work best because Brad (the author) shares his favorites, and even diagrams which plants go where.  Check out a few of his tried and true favorites...

How pretty are these!  So if your looking for simple Container Gardening ideas...check out Container Gardening For You!

You'll be inspired to get your green thumb ON.

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  1. Thanks for this. I need it here. I had no problem with getting flowers to grow in TN but since we moved to KS it has been a container kind of gardening for me. Everything I put into the ground last year died and i'm not green thumb enough to mess with all the acid levels and this and that. I just want pretty flowers. :)


  2. The website looks really helpful. I have problems with panting more than one type of flower in a pot, they all grow so differently! Thanks so much!


  3. Thanks for this! I'm in NC too and have been itching to get some containers going!

  4. Thanks guys...I totally plan to copy the first and third pictures featured here. Love finding great ideas and inspirations on the web!



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