May 15, 2012

Another Bookcase Makeover!


Ahhh, I love great ideas for sprucin' up cheap affordable bookcases!  Check out the Billy Bookcase Makeover from In My Own Style!  This IKEA bookcase before...was solid white and plain jane city, zzzzz!
Diane lined the back of her case with a cool quatrefoil fabric, and now this piece is stylish and fun with loads of personality!  Pretty cool for just $79 and the cost of a little fabric.

Okay guys, click here for the tutorial on this fun IKEA revamp!

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  1. Amazing transformation! Love the pattern of the fabric

  2. I love this! We have an old billy book case that no longer matches our sitting room, but you've given my the inspiration to adapt and upcyle it so we could use in our bedroom. Fab idea, thanks!

  3. Love this too...totally fabulous!



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