February 8, 2012

Cheap to Chic...laminate bookcase makeover!

Hey guys, we've got a brand new new blog design...Wahoo!  I've been wanting a new design for a while now to go with my local design business here.  And the lovely Michelle from Shabby Creations has really gone the extra mile to make it happen...thank you Michelle!

Now don't get too attached because we're still not done with that header above, but hopefully we'll wrap things up by the week-end.  If you've been thinking about a bloggy makeover, check out Shabby Creations...they are Awesome!

Today I'm featuring a fabulous bookcase makeover plain and simple.  Connie from Salvage Savvy took a plain ole' laminate bookcase (seriously, the cheapo kind you'd see at Walmart) and painted her up purdy.  Here's the before...

And the After...

Wow, cheap to chic...literally!

Give Connie a shout at Salvage Savvy...she rocks it!

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  1. So we see two really great make-overs here: the bookcase and your blog design. Both are stylish and elegant looks :)

  2. Your blog is lovely! And I really like that bookcase makeover! :)

  3. So adorable! I will think about this next before I throw one of those away!

  4. Thanks guys! Isn't this simple bookcase awesome? I love it too!


  5. Wow you did an amazing job with this - indeed very chic!


  6. Ah! So cute! I would have never thought of having a pattern in the back!!
    New Follower :)



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