January 2, 2012

Project Rewind...Craft Closet!

I am lucky to live in a home with plenty of storage space.  Our kitchen alone has a large walk-in pantry, a small wine room the hubby built with wine storage above and cabinets below, and yet another pantry closet perfect for smaller kitchen appliances.

  However, this third closet space had become a clutter magnet for both kitchen accessories and craft supplies we've accumulated over the years.  So I made the decision to re-organize everything and dedicate this entire closet for craft storage!  My inspiration for this project were fun, colorful storage bins I snagged from the Dollar Store.  Yup, 10 one dollar bins got this project started.  Then I found 2 $6 bins from Target, and $22 later...this closet came to life with organization and vibrant color!  Here it is finished:

Below are the fun storage bins I bought from the Dollar Store!  Their small sizes are perfect for art n' craft supplies.  I still need to pick up one more!

  And every good craft space needs storage for gift bags and wrapping paper!  Here I repurposed this ice bucket as a storage bin for wrapping paper!  

Aren't these little chalk boards cute?  Yup, there just for fun!

This project was fun, easy and only took a couple of hours to complete.  Now my kids and I have a craft closet that's organized, functional, and just fun!

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  1. It looks so colorful and organized, Jane. I love it. You have motivated me to start getting my act together! Great project!


  2. Thank you so much...this was such a fun lil' project!


  3. So nice and organized! This is my dream :)

  4. Great Job! I need to organize my closet also. I waste too much time just trying to FIND things. I Love the Dollar Store! XO Cindy

  5. Well I wish I had a craft closet!! Ha!
    Yours looks fabulous!!
    Happy 2012

  6. Love the organization and how colorful you made it! Adding the dollar store to my list of places to hit as I work on organizing my crafting space.

  7. I use storage containers everywhere not just in a closet, love em! I have a bunch of the clear type. Stacking isn't an issue because you're able to see what you need before going through each container.

    Here's a great idea for houses with small kids that are unable to read: Add sticky labels with pictures on them to each storage container. This will let the younger children help with cleanup.


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