January 4, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Labels!

Hey guys, looking for a simple and fun organization project to kick off the New Year?  Check out these Adorable Chalkboard Labels from Lil Blue Boo!

Ashley made these cute labels from two things...adhesive shelving paper and chalkboard spray paint.  Easy, Easy...love that!  And guess what, no Silhouette machine required!

Give Lil Blue Boo a shout!  And click here to get the scoop on this fun project.

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  1. Very Cool! I love all things chalkboard! XO Cindy

  2. Love these! I ordered some chalkboard contact paper from Amazon to put through my Cricut. I'm working on a series about organizing small spaces-starting with the pantry. I have a feeling once I start labeling, I won't be able to stop!


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