October 13, 2011

Beautiful Wall Art Gallery!

Today I am swooning over this Diy Intaglio Wall Art Gallery from Interior Design Musings!  

I know, I know...your thinking "what the heck are intaglios?"  In fact, that's exactly what I thought.  Intaglios are simply plaster cameos...very cool! These Intaglios were purchased on Ebay at a great price, compared to retail.  The frames are driftwood frames from Hobby Lobby. I love how the lines of the frames are clean and modern, but the wood is rustic and distressed. 

Wall galleries provide texture and symmetry, as well as a fabulous focal point. Amazing, but this gallery below looks like something you'd see in Horchow for no less than $500.  But the talented gal from Interior Design Musings created hers for a whole lot less! 

Click here for the tutorial on how to create this beautiful wall gallery below.

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  1. Great modern look, thanks for sharing.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. Hey Jane!
    You totally made my day. Thank you for sharing my project with your followers! Love your fabulous blog too! I will be following . . . Mandi.


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