September 28, 2011

Trash to Treasure...revamped cane chairs!

Today I am swooning over these Reupholstered Cane Chairs from 4 Inspirations!

You can find vintage cane chairs at most Habitat for Humanity Restores.  I know the one here in Charlotte, NC always has older cane chairs...on the cheap!

 Inspiration Photo

Here they are before, straight from the 1950's...

And the After one more time...

Suzanne revamped hers with high gloss black paint and yellow the color combination!   Ahhh...creating chic on the cheap, really doesn't get any better than this!  Check out 4 Inspirations!

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  1. the look awesome, but would it be terrible to say I liked them before too. i think it's the color/velvet.

    but love the new glossy black!

  2. Jane - thanks so much for the shout out! But I don't want to take credit for that last picture. That was my inspiration photo by David Jimenez:)

  3. Jane, these are great! What a great makeover! It's amazing how old things that can be made fresh and chic! Thanks for sharing!

  4. i have 2 of them in mustard yellow! I keep putting them off cause they intimidate me but seeing all these chairs all over i just have to dive right in!

  5. Hi Janie,

    This chair project is such a great find! I'm inspired to see cheesy Goodwill furniture in a whole new light. And the how-to instructions at 4Inspirations actually seems doable.

    You have a wonderful site!


  6. Wow what a wonderful difference. Great job! ♥


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