July 14, 2011

Guest Blogger...Jamie from Crafty {Scrappy} Happy!

Wahoo...we've got a fabulous guest blogger in the house today!!
I am sooo excited to have our Guest Jamie from Crafty {Scrappy} Happy here!  I just love her creative blog.  She can take a brown paper bag and whip up something adorable!  Okay Jamie, thanks for stopping by girl, take it away...

Hello Finding Fabulous friends and followers-----I am SO so SOOOO excited to be here today!
Thank you Jane for letting my little blog take over your big and AMAZING blog for the day!
I am Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy.

I would love to show you a couple of recent projects and makeovers, 
all of which keep up with the "for less philosophy" of this fabulous blog!  
I am a gal on a budget so I make literally or up-cycle everything I decorate with----
And usually I make sure the decor has some kind of special meaning to me as well!

Let me start off with my newest renovations that I am super proud of----I up-cycled my farmhouse style table and chairs at no cost beyond the spray paint and stain.
I also made yes, thats right, MADE my mantle out of an old cabinet my my mother-in-law had in a pile of junk to burn this summer.  Both projects are best appreciated when you see the before and after photos!

I love big and small projects....
And I love big and small crafty "toys"
The above project was inspired by pottery barn, & I used my new favorite crafty toy---
My typewriter to put a "hidden message" within the wall decor.

My newest love is refinishing...of all kinds---
I swear that when you like to up-cycle you have new eyes----
Everything has potential!

I know I have mentioned it a few times, but I LOVE home decor with meaning, and this is one with a TON of meaning for me----
I punched out map locations where my husband was stations during his time in the military.  
Behind the stars and the quote is a "love letter" from my husband during his time at war.

I LOVE trying new techniques....
Image transfer of all kinds is one of the techniques I am a sucker for----
My favorite by far is the Citra Solv technique I used to make this farmers market bag!
(And about a million other projects on my blog).

And finally,
I would have fun showing you projects all day,
but I want to end with my project for today over at my blog----
I made this pillow cover out of an old dress shirt my husband doesn't wear anymore.
Thank you SO much for checking out my projects---
I would be BEYOND happy if you would stop over to my little part of blog world--
& say hi---

I LOVE making new blog friends!

Thank you Jamie for sharing your super cute projects! 

My favorites are her painted and stained up farmhouse kitchen table and market bag.  And that pillow made from her hubby's work shirt?  So fun...totally thinkin' outside the design box, love that! Give Jamie a shout at Crafty {Scrappy} Happy! You'll be inspired to GET YOUR CRAFT ON for sure.

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  1. LOVE seeing Dr. J here!!! She is the absolute best!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today Jamie!! Luv your blog :)


  3. love your work and your blog jamie!!!
    im a fan

  4. Yeahhh it was so so wonderful being here today! Thank you SO much for the opportunity Jane! And thank you Lauren and Maggie for being wonderful blogging friends!

  5. Very nice work i love ur work and happy to see here

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