June 27, 2011

Thrifty & Chic Family Room!

Check out this Thrifty n' Chic Family Room from Sweet Something Design!
Ahhh, those blue, green and orange accents are the perfect punch of color this neutral space needs.  I also love the stone colored walls and black & white frame gallery.  See the orange tray with the coral?  That's a $5 plastic tray from Walmart spray painted! 
Go here to see how this neutral space was brought to life with TEXTURE & COLOR...all while on a budget!
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  1. I looked at fabric last week at Joanns even though I can sew. There were some beautiful choices like those used in these pillows. I also love the touches of orange.

  2. I love the bright bold colors against neutrals...the great thing about this room is that most of the more daring colors are things that could easily be taken away if your tastes ever change to something more toned down. I love those pillows! And the round tray with the coral on top!

  3. oh my gosh i love those colors! and *just* enough, not overboard. still very clean.

  4. Yup, never would have thought that blue, orange and green would work so well together. I think it's the neutral backdrop that makes it not too bold. I love this space!!


  5. Using a lot of different colors, but doesn't look cluttered at all. The colors go nicely with each other.


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