January 27, 2011

Fabulous Guest...Susan from Maple & Magnolia!

I'm So excited...the Amazing Susan from Maple and Magnolia is in the house today!  I've featured Susan many times here on Finding Fabulous for her stunning furniture transformations

Susan Amazes me because the girl has got vision!
 She can take any old piece of unwanted furniture, and make it 100 percent, without a doubt - Fabulous!  Well, Susan's got another furniture Revamp to share with us today, so get ready to be INSPIRED! 

Hi everybody and thanks a bunch to Jane for inviting me to be here at Finding Fabulous today!
At Maple & Magnolia, my most favorite projects are ones that take an outcast piece of furniture and give it a new look, new life and new purpose.

I have just such a project to share with you today.  At Value Village, this beauty stopped me in my tracks.

I had no idea what it was at first, I thought maybe a Spinet desk. Once I lifted the lid, it became clear.
A phonograph. My first thought was, "I love this." My second thought was, "How can I transform it into something beautiful and useful?"
I stood there staring at it for a full minute and then it came to me...a vanity.  So I brought it home, cleaned it up and removed all the parts from the inside.
All that remained were these gaping holes. Not pretty.
So I cut some plywood to fit the openings and covered them in this happy Vera Bradley fabric.
Meanwhile, I painted the inside and outside of the vanity-to-be in my favorite PARA melamine oil-based black paint.
I bought a mirror from Dollarama and added some green and pink bling for a touch of glam.
Now before I show you the "after" let's talk about the vanity chair.
I found this vintage vanity chair at a garage sale last summer. Poor thing has been in my garage waiting for the right project to come along. Today was its lucky day.
I spray painted it with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch in glossy black. Then covered the seat in Vera Bradley fabric and some suh-weet pom pom fringe. Cause everything is cuter with pom pom fringe. I think I need that on a bumper sticker!
I replaced the knob with a glass one, popped the fabric covered plywood into place and hung the mirror...

and VOILA...
a phonograph-turned-Vera Bradley vanity!
Mission accomplished.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to Jane for having me over! :)

Susan you are welcome, and THANK YOU for stopping by.  Wow, this old phonograph is such a cute and functional little Vanity now!  And you are right, everything IS cuter with a little pom pomp fringe.  And the mirror from Dollarama...so pretty all blinged up!

Thanks again for sharing this sweet Revamp...you are truly one talented Diyer who can clearly see beauty in any old piece!

Give Susan a shout at Maple & Magnolia form more Fabulous Furniture Transformations! 

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  1. wow is this ever cute nice job!

  2. Popping over to say, "Hey!" :o)

    I'm seriously considering a move North of the South...you always find the most incredible pieces at your Goodwill. I'm going out today to find a cute table or chair to glitz up. Wish me luck!

    Great post and great blog! I'm glad your guest-posting today. I've found a new favorite. :o)

  3. What an impressive piece you have made this piece of furniture into. Do you sleep at night or is your mind racing with new ideas. Anyone would love to have this sitting in their home.

  4. susan's attention to detail is just amazing. i always look forward to her furniture transformations... she is so talented!

  5. Gorgeous. Questions - what exactly is the paint you used, and where can you get Vera Bradley FABRIC???? Thanks -truly awe inspiring.

  6. Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but I got goosebumps when I saw the after. Really, I did.
    It is adorumble!
    I have been subscribing to Susan's place for a month or so now, and she always always inspires me to get off my fanny and create something!
    This vanity was pure genius and creativity!

  7. WOW! Susan you never stop surprising me, every time I see one of your finished projects I say, this is my favorite, then the same thing happens with the next project, but this vanity, THIS IS MY FAVORITE!.... for now. It is beautiful, I love it!

  8. I see you're showing off again! :-) REALLY nice job, Susan!

  9. Looks like you got a two-fer-one, not only a cute vanity, but it would also make super cute writers desk.
    How fun.

  10. CA-UUUUTE!! I am absolutely in love with this one!

  11. How cute is that!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Amazing

    There is nothing in this town to be purchased at any Goodwill that great

    Love it


  13. Jane, pink is not my fave but *Gasp* this looks great!! I absolutely adore what you did w/ the desk and chair =D



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