September 16, 2010

Guest Blogger...Charity from All Things Beautiful!

We've got a fabulous guest blogger in the house today! 

Charity from All things Beautiful is hereIf you haven't visited Charity's fun are missin' out my friends!  Charity loves to revamp and repurpose bargains and garage sale finds into of a kind home accessories and creations.  Ahhh...a girl who loves a good bargain, she's definitely a gal after my own heart!

Okay Charity, we're so glad you stopped by today!  Take it away girl...  

I am so HAPPY that Jane has asked me to do a guest post! I adore "Finding Fabulous", and I love coming to her page to visit, it's so inviting.

A few things about me... I'm Charity, blogging from All Things Beautiful. I started blogging in the spring, and have loved the process of coming up with projects, visiting other blogs for great inspiration and reads, and meeting friends along the way. I would describe my blog as a crafty/do it yourself blog. I love using things I find at garage sales, or thrift stores and fixing them up. If I can't use something from there I end up making it myself, and it's going to be cheap. I love my bargains!

I have a fun family with a great hubby, one handsome little boy, and three cute little girls, who I like to post about occasionally as well. To make things short I like crafting, drawing, painting, walking, fall, a clean house, gardening, baking, vacations with my family, cookies, hiking, music, romantic comedies, reading, girls night, date night with the hubby, and chocolate!
I thought I would share a few crafts I have made, and feel free to pop by and check out the process.

Do you like before and afters? Because I do! Here is one of my first blogging projects, that I finished only not that long ago.


I love this one, and I wish I hadn't given it away, because I have not found one like it again, YET.



A few other crafts I have made that you might enjoy perusing are:
A His and Hers sign made with stamps, and vinyl (a bridal shower gift).

A meal planner menu board. This one seems to be popular.

A table skirt I made out of an actual skirt (short cut!). And I made the chair ribbons.

A Homesense knock-off corkboard.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at some of my projects, and I hope you stop by to see what else is going on at All Things Beautiful.

Thanks for letting me stop by Jane!

You are welcome Charity...and thank you for inspiring us all with your fabulous creations!  My favorites are the His & Her Placques, but be still my heart...your meal planer menu board is to die for!  I have got to get me one of those.

Okay Finding Fabulous readers give Charity a shout at All Things Beautiful.  You.  Will.  Be.  INSPIRED!

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  1. ohhhh so many amazing things! you are so crafty and talented! will pop on over to your blog!

  2. Thank You and your designs are positively BEAUTIFUL! Please come back any time. And I'm already thinkin' about how I can make one of those fun Meal menu planning boards!

  3. Heyyyyyyyyy, I've seen those cool projects before!

    And lady, you look way too good to have a brood of four.

  4. Thanks ladies:) Good luck with the menu board Jane, and thanks for hosting me!


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