August 11, 2010

Guest Blogger...Paula from Paula Grace Designs!

Hey guys, I am so excited to be back from vacation...and back to reality as they say!  It's Thursday and time for another fabulous guest blogger...Paula from Paula Grace Designs is here! 

 I just love Paula's professional design ideas!  That's right, Paula is an Interior Designer for the Northern Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), the Washington DC metro area.  Paula also does Virtual Design for anywhere in the continental United that! Let's swoon over a few of Paula's designs from her professional portfolio shall we?


Wow, one word here folks...AMAZING!  Okay Paula, we're on the edge of our seat.  What advice to you have on decorating spaces...for less, and without breakin' the bank?

Thank you so much Jane for asking me to be a guest writer on your fantastic blog! You asked me to write about ways to furnish a space without breaking the bank. All right then, let's begin...

I love doing little girl and tween rooms. On my blog, I was showing my process of completing two tween rooms. Here's the thing about little girls and tweens ~ they change their minds. I have seen parents spare no expense on their child's room only to realize she is over it as soon as it is complete. "Oh Mommy, that was so yesterday." My daughter is no exception. Lauren, my daughter, loves to peruse my samples. She helped design her room as it is today. Luckily, I know that children often change their minds. Their trends change much more often than adults do. Here is the mural my daughter selected ~

The Storybook Mural from York Wallcovering. So sweet. Within months, she wanted something different. Black, white, and hot pink are her color choices now. York has something for that too! Thank God we purchased a hot pink desk. That was the most costly piece in the room ~ phew!

This is not the actual desk but it IS the actual color ~ flamingo from Stanley's Young America. What I like about Young America is that it is all made in the USA and rigorously test their products.

Why did I steer her towards a wallpaper mural versus hiring my muralist? Because it was 1/8 the cost AND I knew she would change her mind quickly. I did have my muralist paint clouds and a rainbow in her room to complement the wallpaper mural. I asked Julie, my muralist, how much she would charge for a hand painted version ~ just under $2000. Now it is the entire wall, not just a portion of it and it is quite intricate, but that is the going rate. WOW! I thought ~ not at the price but at how much money I just saved. I purchased bedding from Company Kids. I love them. They have darling bedding for girls that is machine washable and reasonably priced. Plus they often have coupons in magazines. Machine washable is a must for kids unless one starts saving at birth for the dry cleaning bill when little girls start trying on make-up. I have washed Lauren's comforter many, many times. It still looks as pretty and vibrant as the day I bought it ~ love that! See for yourself...

This is my daughter's room. I am showing you this angle so you may see the lovely pink drape, the small blanket on the end of her bed, and the beautiful painted rose above the dresser. What is so special about them?!! They are all very special ~ the pink drape hangs from a corona above her bed. They are from an old box in my father-in-laws garage ~ never used. They were hand crocheted by Lauren's great grandmother whom she never met. Yet they surround my daughter while sleeping. It is as if her great grandmother is holding her every night, watching over her. The little blanket was knitted by my mother. Lauren is her only granddaughter. When they are together (Nana lives in another state) they are like two peas in a pod. The painting was done by a neighbor who lived across the street and has since moved across the country. But while she lived here, she was Lauren's surrogate grandmother. All beautiful elements in the room for many reasons. All completely free and completely priceless. What else adorns her room? Baby pictures of my husband and I, pictures of her grandparents and all her cousins. The pictures cost practically nothing and the frames were coordinated ones previously used elsewhere in my home. That is what makes a child's room special ~ TLC and personalization. Isn't that what makes any room special?

So my advice for a cost efficient little girl's room is seek out lovely alternatives to high price items, always use machine washable bedding, and design from the heart.

Thank you Paula for showing us your daughter's lovely (and thrifty too) to decorate with items passed on by loved ones and family friends.  And what little girl wouldn't LOVE that hot pink (flamingo) colored desk!  And a fun, machine washable that's great practical advice any mother would love!  Ahhh...decorating with lower priced alternatives and designing from the heart...Paula is my kinda gal!
Give Paula a shout for more stylish design ideas that range from high end style to "real life" practical ideas you. will. love!

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I can't wait to see what you've been up to...see you then!

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  1. What fun to meet Paula! And her daughters' room is fabulous! Love that bedspread!! Thanks Paula

  2. THANK YOU Paula for guest posting today...great tips! My favorite thing about your style is that your both high end and practical, and that mixing the two is a great way to save when designing spaces! Thanks again for stopping by...and come back anytime!

    Finding Fabulous

  3. What a beautiful style Paula has. I love the bedside tables in the first picture.

    Juliette Samuel

  4. Thank you Jane for having me today and for showing some of my work. That was an unexpected treat!Have fun on Frugalicious Friday ~ sounds like a fabulous party!!
    Paula Grace ~


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