June 10, 2010

Guest Blogger...Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up!

Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up is here today.  Wahoo...get your sewing machines ready!  Suzanne has been a faithful Frugalicious Friday participant here at Finding Fabulous for quite some time now.  And let me tell you this mamma er' grandmamma can whip up some fabulous throw pillows like it's her job!  In fact, she's made it her job through Etsy!  Yup, check out her Etsy shop and you'll find adorable pillows, purses, totes, clutches and more! 

  Now I've always loved Suzanne's creations, but when I saw her super ca-ute Owl Pillows...I just had to invite her over to give us the scoop!  Okay guys, meet the talented Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up! 

I'm honored to be joining you at Finding Fabulous today. I hope I can impart a little creativity to those of you who are often my inspiration. I love Jane’s Frugalicious Friday posts. I derive so much motivation and insight from all the fabulous projects that are linked to her posts, and I appreciate those who share their talents and abilities so willingly.

To give you a very quick introduction of myself I am a wife, a mother to seven, a mother-in-law to five and a grandmother to seven. These wonderful individuals give my life meaning and fill my life with happiness, but in my spare time I have always found fulfillment and joy in “creating.” I believe this desire to create is natural and tucked deep within our souls. There is something exciting and satisfying about putting elements together and watching something grow and develop before your eyes!

Many of my projects are inspired by wanting to create something special for members of my family or friends. My “Give a Hoot” pillow is a good example of that.
It all started with this drawing that I doodled while I was talking on the phone. We'll affectionately call this doodle "Gladys." From the look of Gladys' eyes she's a little stressed and strung out. She could use a long hot bath, some soothing music and perhaps a sedative or two. In any case, from this sketch -- sans the psycho eyes -- an idea was born.

I followed this process.
First, I collected every artist's basic tools: a pencil, paper and a salad bowl...

a yardstick...

a cereal bowl...

and back to the salad bowl.

A snip here -- a tuck there. The sweet hum-drum of a sewing machine. A little stuffing. And an hour or so later Gladys is reborn in fabric. Fresh as a daisy and raring to go!

I used scrap fabric for the front of this little "Give a Hoot" Pillow. Some Minky fabric on the back finishes her off and makes her perfectly soft for little heads.

The half circle cutout of Glady's ears would be perfect to surround a little neck. I can picture a little one, one her back, reading her favorite book with this "Give a Hoot" pillow wrapping around her and propping up her head.

Although the process was that simple, but it became a little more complicated when I had to replicate this "Give a Hoot" pillow 6 more times so that each of my little grandchildren would have one.I've already introduced you to Gladys.Now I'd like you to meet Gus,





and Broderick.
I'd love to have you drop by "Just Another Hang Up" to say "hi" and see more of my creations. A special "thank you" to Jane for giving me this opportunity to meet you!

THANK YOU Suzanne for sharing with us how you created your adorable Owl Pillows...they are truly one of a kind!

  And if your looking for more "one of a kind" stylish creations, you've got to check out Suzanne's Etsy Shop.  There you WILL find Fabulous!  

And check out Suzanne's blog Just Another Hang Up as well, cuz this talented Grandmother has many more tips, tricks, ideas and inspirations! 

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  1. oh, these little owl pillows are adorable!

  2. LOVING these perfectly round little owls, the craftsmanship is perfect! So cute!

  3. So cute!!! Glad to see we use the same "essential tools" too!!:)

  4. Jane, Thank you so much for your kind words and this feature. I appreciate it so much! - Suzanne

  5. Suzanne, you are welcome! You can stop by anytime to share a tuturial! Thanks again for the great post.

    Finding Fabulous

  6. What wonderful pillows...love the colors and patterns! So cool! I bet the grandkids really loved them!
    I sure do!
    Thanks for sharing about them!

  7. How cute! I like that she uses "tools" we've all probably got around the house to make these.

  8. I am just SO floored by Suzanne's work. Those are the most adorable pillows ever!
    She's amazing.

  9. Cute!!! I need to start sewing!



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