June 17, 2010

Guest Blogger...Kristine from The Painted Hive!

It's Thursday and you know what that means...it's time for another fabulous Guest Blogger here at Finding Fabulous!  Yup, Kristine from The Painted Hive is here today...wahoo, let's give her a big welcome!  If you haven't visited The Painted Hive yet, then you are missing out!  Kristine is a self described designaholic, addicted DIYer, and incurable decorator...who just happens to live in Melbourne Australia by the way, how cool is that? 

I love so many of Kristine's design projects, and am super excited she's here today to share a few of her favorites!  Okay Kristine...we're all ears, take it away!

Hi Finding
Fabulous Readers!
I'm so excited and honoured to be
guesting for Jane today. For those of you who don't know me (let's face it,
that's probably most of you as I'm still kinda new to all this!) my name's
Kristine and I'm from The Painted

I started my blog to diarise my love of
all things home and share my passion for beautiful and liveable interior design
and decoration on a budget.

To give you an idea of my style, here's
my little (finally finished - for now anyway :-) entryway.

At the moment I'm a bit
obsessed amoured with terracotta, twine and white ceramics. You
can read and see more about my entryway here
if you'd like to.

I also recently finished a re-vamp of
my living room too (yessss, one more room down!).

Before (pic from previous

I adore the natural light this room
absorbs through the french bay windows. Our little house is very 'cottage' like
so in keeping with the relaxed coziness of it I like to use neutral, soft
colours and furnishings with loads of texture. You can read and see more of my
living room here.

When I'm not decorating (and then
redecorating, and then redecorating again!) you'll probably find me with
paintbrush in hand. I simply can't resist a good furniture makeover. Here are
just a few of mine:

This was
originally a teacher's desk which I converted into a farmhouse style dining
table using an interesting method on the top and for the drawers. Read about the
whole revamp here
if you're keen.
I purchased
four of these pressed-back chairs to use at my dining table though they were
waaay to big so I decided to transform them into reading chairs with little
footstools. I gave each one a different theme (my post on that's still to come!)
though you can read and see more about this white ticking and toile one
I love these retro old-school stools. I
was lucky enough to score them for FREE after saving them from certain impending
death! Check out how I transformed them here
if you'd like.

Last but not least, here's my most
recent little project:
A cheap and chic light revamp. You
won't believe the before of this. Go here
to check it out.
I so hope this little post has offered
some inspiration!
If you've not stopped by my blog, The Painted Hive, before then
feel free to pop over as I'd love to see you!
Thanks so much for having me Jane and
Finding Fab readers!


You are so very welcome Kristine....and THANK YOU for sharing some of your fabulous furniture makeovers and design ideas!  Wow...I gotta tell ya, I AM IN LOVE with your cheap, chic light revamp!  I simply have to copy that in my dining room.  And the things you can do with paint and an old piece of furniture...amazing!

Thanks for the inspiration Kristine...and thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. So wonderful to meet Kristine!! I love her re-do's!! Fabulous...!! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Wonderful transformations!!! Thanks for sharing with us all!!!:)

  3. So many beautiful redos and fabulous transformations. She is one talented woman!

  4. She has a gift...Love all the changes.

  5. Thank you again Kristine for sharing all of your fabulous design projects...I love your ideas! Stop by anytime. :)

    Finding Fabulous

  6. Thanks again Jane! I'm so honoured to have been featured here at Finding Fabulous! I've just posted a little link post on my blog - please excuse the delay though the time difference made it a bit tricky! Well, it's Friday here now so bring on the weekend!

  7. I love all of the different styles that she has. Beautiful projects and the lamp / chandelier looks very interesting.

  8. Gorgeous before and afters! I love what you did with the stools best, retains all the elements of the originals with an added design twist.

  9. All of them are great. I am amazed how beautifully you change the look of the old furniture. Old wooden furniture are treasures, the quality of the wood is commendable. And making them look like this is simply awesome. I have my grandma's tea table in the conservatory. I guess now I know what can be done with it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You are an artist and you do magic with furniture. I had to scroll up and down twice to actually believe that they are same pieces of furniture. Awesome creativity and hardwork.


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