January 7, 2010

Meet Becca from Blue Cricket Design!

I was so excited when Becca from her awesome blog Blue Cricket Design asked little old me to do a blog swap...and today's the day!  Well, actually you can find my post on Becca's blog tomorrow!  But Becca's here today, wahoo!

Becca has one seriously fabulous blog that's just chock full of great ideas and inspirations.  Let's see she sews, refinishes furniture, and loves to bake...geez, is there anything she doesn't do?  I doubt it, but thank goodness because she shares it all at Blue Cricket Design.  Here she is:

Greetings Finding Fabulous Fans! Becca here from Blue Cricket Design! I can't tell you how much I enjoy Jane and her Fabulous blog! I'm sure you all know why!

I'm happy to introduce myself and my blog to all of you! I'm your typical mom knee deep in the throws of motherhood! Three young girls will do that to ya! My husband and I are enjoying the journey of the day to day drama! Like I said...three girls will do that to ya! I'm a proud stay at home mom/cook/maid/referee/domestic goddess in training! I keep a hold of my former self by creating! I've always loved being engrossed in a project! The creative process fascinates me! I see things as a step by step tutorial now a days and I have to say it can get a little annoying! I literally dream in tutorial mode! So I harness all that creative energy and record it on my blog Blue Cricket Design!

It's been an adventure and I'm happy to have it all archived!
It's proof that I've done something exciting!

Blue Cricket Design is my collection of Sewing Tips, Craft Ideas, Recipes, Photoshop Tutorials, Giveaways and more! It's my tiny place to express myself and hopefully inspires others to get busy and enjoy the process!

I'd love for all of you to come and play and check out what I've been up to!

Here are a few of my favorite projects from the Blue Cricket Archives!

Scrap Fabric Bracelets!

Coupon Caddy Tutorial

Dresser Drawer Ribbon Organizer

Junk Food Sushi

I also have a fun and exciting Linking Party every Wednesday! "Show and Tell" on BCD! It's an awesome collection from all over the web! Come and get inspired by the many links to other amazing craters! Link your own latest and greatest projects for others to come and see! It's becoming a favorite day of mine!

So consider yourselves invited! I'd love to meet ya' all! This is one of the best things about blogging!! Meeting new and amazing friends and sharing the joy of creativity! See ya soon!!!

Jane you Rock!!!!

Come Check Jane out on Blue Cricket Design Tomorrow! She taking over and taking names!!!!

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  1. Did she make that headband she's wearing? I'm in love with it!

  2. Thanks for sharing BLUE CRICKET DESIGN...I'm going right over for a visit! Hope you have a great day...try to stay warm in this COLD COLD weather.


  3. I just found Blue Cricket over the break--love her!

  4. I love how crafty she is, and her fabric choices...ca-ute!!! And I've got to make that dresser drawer ribbon holder!

  5. Thanks Jane!!! Loved taking over your fab blog!!!

    and NO I didn't make my Headband but I could!!! I should post a tutorial. But it was only $4 so I had to buy it! Found it in a Boutique in California!

  6. I'm heading over to Blue Cricket Design. Thanks...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

    (my word verification is 'spalike'...I'll take it...LOL)

  7. I love Blue Cricket Design and her Wednesday party has become a can't miss for me.


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