November 24, 2009

Frugalicious Friday Favorites

Wahoo, I'm excited...we had 34 participants link up their fabulous finds on Friday. Here are a few of my favorites from this fun day all about $aving!

Jane @ her blog Mamie Jane's showed us her Silver Pedestal Stand. She made this from a silver candle stick and a silver dish! So easy and pretty, and I love how she displayed this candle surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

The Mid Century Madam (yes, that's what she calls herself) from her blog Mid century Madness linked up this super hip cork lamp! Oh and she only paid $5...yup, I'd say she totally scored on this one. I really love this lamp and just look at the texture in that lamp shade...sigh!

Finally, Laurel from her blog Ducks in a Row shared her mirror project she put together for her little girl's room. Aren't these so pretty and at $6 each...super thrifty too! This is so cute and perfect for a little princess.

So that's a recap! As always, thank you for linkin' up! I love seeing every one's fabulous finds and projects and am inspired each week by your creativity and thriftiness!

Remember to check back in this Friday for another edition of Frugalicious Friday...where I'll be revealing my mini mudroom makeover. And link up while your here...we want to see more of your fabulous finds! See you then!

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  1. Hi Jane,
    These were all great inspiration projects! It must be hard to pick 3they are all so clever.

  2. I love everything. The pedestal DOES look great with the silver ornaments. I need a little yellow Post It on my nose to join you! lol!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Janean!


  3. THose all look terrific! I'm a big fan of Mamie Jane's, she has some super ideas! maybe I can find something around here to link up to the party with this week! ;)

  4. RM, Look around your house...I bet you have lot's of fabulous finds!

  5. Your welcome Laurel...those mirrors are so cute in a little girl's room!

  6. Thanks for posting my fabulous find. (actually it was my husband's find!)Looking forward to another frugalicious Friday and everything in between.


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