July 29, 2016

Our Antique Dining Table... updated with Ikea Henriskdal chairs!


Hey guys I hope your having a great Summer!  

Wow with a few weekend getaways and my kids Summer sports...our Summer has flown by.  So I'm popping in today to share how I updated our antique dining room table!  Yes this old table below got a fresh new configuration last Spring.  And the best part...it was crazy affordable.  Like Ikea affordable!


So If you're new here, our dining room table is an antique and was built by my hubby's Great Grandfather.  This picture above was taken a year ago.  Here the table is in it's oval shape and you can see those awesome handmade leaves.

Now I love this old table!  So much so that I refinished it several years ago using Min Wax Gel Stain.  You can read more about that project here.  But as much as I love this old table, it was starting to look too dark.  And the table was feeling too big for our small kitchen dining area.  So I started thinking of possible solutions to freshen up this space.

And then I came across this image...


Ahhh, are you kidding me!!  I was totally inspired.  

So I took an Ikea leap of faith with the addition of 4 Ikea upholstered chairs, the Henrisksdal chairs.  And this simple change has brought new life to this old table!  We removed the leaves to make the table smaller at 40" round, and then added the new chairs.  And what I really love is the contrast between the dark wood and the white chairs.  It's just brightened up our entire kitchen!  

Now a few years ago if you had asked me to add white fabric chairs to our kitchen with my baseball playing son, and my trampoline jumping daughter?  I would have said "no way"!  But guess what...the replacement covers for these chairs cost just $10.  Each.  Yes these chairs are crazy affordable!

So if they get stained or dirty it's not the end of the world!  And besides the covers are machine washable as well.

And the best part of this whole project?  Is that I didn't have to drop $1000 on a new table, or relocate this family antique to the attic.   And another added bonus is that because the table is smaller, we sit here mainly for breakfast and lunch now, and use our actual dining room more for dinner.   Imagine that!

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May 27, 2016

Friday Five - new logo, client project & more!


Hey guys, TGIF!  

With all the end of the school year craziness at our house, I am ready for the weekend.  So here at my Friday Five post I like to share fabulous finds from my weekly decorating adventures, client projects, and anything else that has me inspired.  Okay so let's get to it!

The Collected Interior - New Logo

First off, and I can't believe I forgot to share this earlier.  But I'm so excited because we have a new logo here at The Collected Interior!  Isn't it pretty, I created it on Tailor Brands!  This site is so fun, you can design and create any logo with their logo maker.  And then order business cards, social media covers or anything else needed for your business.

I spotted this Chinese Chippendale chair the other day at Pier One and did a double take!  I could see a few of these chairs almost anywhere in a home... next to a sideboard in a dining room for extra seating.  Or maybe in a kitchen as a desk chair.  And it's on sale right now for $169.99 - I love stylish and affordable finds like this!

Seriously guys look what was waiting for me at Home Goods this week!   This mac daddy collection of blue and white chinoiserie vases.  It's all just soooo GOOD!  And I should have scored at least one because these won't last long.

My latest client project is finished and I am having serious home office envy!  Here's a sneak peek above.  I hope to feature the entire project next week.   This room ended up with so many great design elements, including nature inspired accessories with touches of watery blues and greens. 

And finally I freshened up my website with a few photos, and this collage made the cut!  It really showcases my design style, which isn't flashy or trendy.  My style is traditional and classic, with clean lines and nature inspired elements. 

Okay guys that's my Friday Five, have a great weekend!

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May 16, 2016

Spring Deck Makeover - Review DFOhome


Hi guys, this Spring I gave our deck a fresh makeover and the color that has me inspired lately is navy blue!  

This sectional used to have back cushions but because the size of this outdoor sofa is smaller in scale sitting here wasn't very comfortable, the seat depth was too shallow.  So I removed the back cushions and added throw pillows in various sizes to help make the seating deeper.  And my solution worked because this baby is super comfy now!

Check out our new umbrella below.  The nice people from DFOhome sent us this 9 ft. beauty to Review, and when it arrived I seriously did a happy dance!  We love it, It's made from quality sun and fade resistant fabric, which is important because our deck sits in the sun nearly all day.  
DFOhome is an online retailer that manufactures hammocks, outdoor rugs, outdoor curtains, pillows, patio furniture, and more.  So if your outdoor space needs a fresh new look, check them out!

Our dog Bear seems to approve ;) 

We painted the spindles on our deck the same color as the trim color on our house.  This is such an easy way to update a deck.  The old deck used to be one solid tan color.  You can see the Before here.  Now the trim color ties in with our house, and the brown solid stain grounds this space - making it feel more like an outdoor room.

Way in the back here you can see our Diy fire pit!  We built that pit from a kit that we purchased from Home Depot on-line a few years ago.  You can read more about our Diy fire pit here.  

Ahhh, pillow fabrics with pattern and texture...two of my favorite things!  The solid and coral pillow are outdoor pillows from Pier One.  The bamboo patterned ones are from Target.  They all got sprayed with an outdoor fabric water repellent for extra protection from the elements. 

A year ago last Spring we replaced 28 year old deck boards and went with a solid dark stain on the new boards.  If you missed this transformation go here to see how we gave our deck a modern new look that really works well with our brick colonial home.

And to give you a tour of all our outdoor spaces, our deck flows right onto our screened porch here...

Okay so that's the scoop on our deck makeover!   We love our outdoor spaces, and because we live on an acre of land it's nice to take advantage of all the nature around us.  And what I really love is that we didn't spend a lot of money.  From the Diy fire pit to the Diy solid stained deck to the screened porch...everything was designed on a budget with color and comfort in mind. 

And we didn't sacrifice style!  For me that's the best part :)

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May 11, 2016

Green leaf + glass vase = LOVE


Today I'm sharing a crazy easy decorating idea that I love!

Place simple green leaves from your yard or garden in glass vases.  Yup, that's it.  No trips to the florist or spending $25 on flowers that quickly die.  Just place cut green leaves in a vase with water and done.  And with little effort, I'm amazed at the beauty these simple arrangements offer.  Check out these pretties all sourced from one of my favorite places for design inspiration...Pinterest!

Ahhh, I am swooning!  And if your home is decorated with neutral home furnishings and accessories, then a fresh pop of green is the perfect accent in neutral spaces.  

Okay well we don't have tropical palm plants in our yard.  But we do have Hostas, Elephant Ears and Ferns. I seriously have a passion for simple & chic decorating ideas like this!

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April 29, 2016

Friday Five - favorites from the week!


Hey guys, TGIF!  So I'm back for another Friday Five where I feature five favorites from my weekly Decorating & Design adventures here at The Collected Interior.  So let's get to it...

1.  You guys I am loving this console table from Birch Lane!  If you've not visited this site, check them out here.  They simply have beautiful and affordable home furnishings and accessories.  This table has the prettiest distressed wood finish.  And those metal legs have an industrial vibe that is so fun!

2.  I was shopping the other day at Kirklands and this awesome mirror caught my eye.  It's The Metal Rope Wall Mirror and priced at just $29.99 is crazy affordable!  It's not a large mirror at only 20" round.  But what a great option for a side or back entryway.  I love great finds like this!

3.  Next week I plan to style a clients built ins with these fun accessories below.  Seriously so many natural elements and textures inspire me here including coral, beach glass, and drift wood.  Oh and those modern vases, love!

4.  So my daughter's dresser has seen better days and she needs a new one.  We're getting her the Hemnes dresser from Ikea!  You guys this dresser is Awesome with its clean, modern lines.  And affordable too at just $250...sold!  Heck at that price she can take it to college in a few years ;) 

5.  And finally here's a Design Board I created for a Home Office refresh.  So far three art pieces are hung, the rug is laid and delivery and installation for everything else is scheduled next week.  I can't wait to see everything come together, this has been a super fun project!

Okay guys that's my Friday Five!  I really enjoy sharing what I love in this little corner of the internet.  Thanks for stopping by.  And if you have questions about any of our Design Services here at The Collected Interior, please feel free to contact me!  

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April 4, 2016

Spring Deck Plans!


Hey guys, ahhh we just got back from a much needed Spring Break getaway and a good time was had by all!  Yes I'm feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to get back to work with a few Client Projects underway.

However today I'm sharing our Spring decks plans and without a doubt the color that has me inspired this Spring is classic navy blue!

Okay if you'll remember we used a solid stain on our deck one year ago and overall are happy with the results.  

A few deck boards still need to be replaced due pine sap issues.  But the deck is a huge improvement and we are loving the dark brown stain much more than the previous solid stain.  Here's a Before & After...

And the After...

Doesn't it look much better?  In the Before picture there's nothing grounding this space, and the deck appears to almost float away from the house.  Now with the darker stain, the deck is literally grounded with contrast and dimension.  This project was a huge improvement!  If you missed it, check out our diy deck - solid stain makeover here.

Last Spring I started decorating this outdoor space with red accessories and I really liked it.  But when the nice people at dfohome.com sent me a great navy blue outdoor umbrella, I quickly changed my decorating plan.  Yes navy blue is calling my name!  I simply love how this color feels both classic and modern at the same time!  Okay so stay tuned.  I'll follow up with pictures of our newly decorated deck.  As well as a Review of this blue umbrella that literally changed my whole design plan :)

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March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites...


Hey guys, wow it's been a busy week!  I have two new wonderful clients and have been hard at work creating Design Boards and sourcing home furnishings and accessories.  But I wanted to pop in today to share my Five Friday Favorites from the week!


Ahhh, the Josephine desk from World Market.  I love this desk!  And bought one this week for my 14 year old daughter to replace her old vintage wicker desk.  Love the pop of white against her turquoise painted walls, as well as those clean - modern lines. And it costs only $199, total score!

 I love the natural look of sisal and jute rugs.  but not the price.  So I've been on a mission to find a natural looking and durable rug for our home office - incidentally where my dogs hang out while I work or blog!  

And what I found is an indoor/outdoor rug that actually isn't natural at all.  It's made from man made materials, but looks just like natural sisal.  It's dark enough that it doesn't show dirt, and strong enough that the fibers stay put.  We love it!  And it cost way less than real sisal, seagrass or jute rugs.  We found ours at Lowe's and it's made by Allen & Roth :)

Scored this candle from Home Goods the other day and my whole family loves it!  Of course I love the navy blue color, but the scent is so fresh and clean.  And it was $7.99.  Gotta love that price!

Okay guys, see this gorgeous Fiddle Fig Tree above?  I've been on the hunt for one of these for well over two years now.  I've heard you can find them at Home Depot and Ikea.  Well I've checked off and on for years and cannot find one, ugh!  So I've given up on the local search and have found them here, online.  No more searching.  I just ordered one the other day.  done!

 And finally, this coastal pillow is my inspiration for our outdoor screened porch and deck this Spring.  And navy blue, tan and white will be our color scheme.  I actually just received navy blue deck umbrella recently in the mail to Review!  And I am so excited  because I have been craving more navy blue in our home.  And decorating outdoor spaces is one of my favorite things!

Okay that my friends is my Friday Five!  I've grown to love this post.  Because sharing what I love makes me HAPPY!   Have a great week-end :)

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