October 30, 2014

ORC - Week 5, making progress!


Wow, we are in week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I'm starting to get nervous because we only have one week left!!  We're making progress over here, but there is a lot more work to do.  But first off we removed the old ceiling fan, Wahoo!

And added this lovely, hello chic new light...

Because the room is in total disarray, I only snapped a few photos.  I love the new custom pillows below, they turned out great (one also is from Hobby Lobby).  And this little side table is such a great find!  It looks identical to the one in my design board.  I simply couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it Burlington Coat Factory of all places, for only $25!!!  Unbelievable.  

Now here's my attempt at updating the art.  It was looking too light before, so I added some fun gold stripes yesterday.  I'm still undecided about it and may use totally new art in the final reveal.  Not sure yet.

The armoire is primed and I plan to finish painting it over the week-end.  The primer I used is called Gripper by Glidden.  This product is Awesome and literally gives one coat coverage!

* Update - It's Saturday afternoon and I'm making progress on painting the armoire.  So far I'm loving this navy blue color.  It's Benjamin Moore's - Hale Navy!

One more look at the design board...

So everything is coming together!  I just need to get my paint ON this week-end and finish the armoire ;)  And figure out the art situation.  Oh and buy new accessories for above the armoire!  And spray paint a few accessories. 

Ack...I have a lot to do in just a few days!!! 

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  1. LOVE those pillows! I feel you on the long to-do list left... How is it already week 5? Good luck and can't wait to see the reveal!

  2. Thanks Jodie, I'm off to check out your progress. Have to say though, the ORC is the BEST motivator for giving any room a whole new look!

  3. I just love the plan for the armoire- that blue is amazing. Good luck with the last week!!

    1. Thank you Christine!! I've been painting all week-end, and have to say I really love it so far!

  4. Love the gold chevron artwork! Can't wait to see the reveal next week!

    1. Thank Carrie, I'm so glad you like the art because I've been on the fence. I'm hoping to make it work! because honestly, I don't want to have to spend $300 on new art, lol!! But as I see the room come together, I'm liking the art more and more. So far it really adds some fun personality to the room!

  5. Totally loving what you're doing in here Jane! You totally had me at Hale Navy. Can't wait to see your big reveal!


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