August 4, 2014

Design Board - Classic Coastal!


Hey guys, today I thought I'd share my latest Design Board and the style is Classic Coastal! 
Client R

Heron Family I Print -   $174.99
Surya Squares Orange Decorative Pillow - Layla Grace   $70
Gold Leaf Convex Wall Mirrors - Layla Grace    $173
New Castle Club Chair - Wayfair     $1,758
Gold Mercury Votives - West Elm   $8
Mongolian Lamb Pillow - West Elm   $169
Similar Gourd Lamp -   $100

I recently met with a client who said their style was traditional and they wanted a whole new look for their family room.  But they didn't want a typical traditional space, they wanted something more.  They wanted some fun color, yet they needed neutral sofas and traditional brown leather tufted club chairs for comfort and function.  They didn't say anything about coastal, but hey...we live in North Carolina after all, so I ran with that ;)

The few coastal elements I did use helped pull the whole room together for a comfortable space with style, color and balance.  My favorite part of this board are the heron prints, and the play on patterns.  Yup, I love mixing patterns!  Okay so there you have it...traditional meets coastal for an eclectic space that is anything but boring!

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  1. Love it Jane! I really like the coastal look mixed with traditional leather and the non-pastel colors. Kinda wishing I was this client! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I do too. It really livens up all the neutral furniture!


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