August 27, 2013

Our Affordable Master Bedroom....


Hey guys our Master Bedroom Makeover is finished!  In our house, the Master is always one of the last rooms in the house to get attention.  We always focus on the first floor first when decorating and renovating a home.  This is our 5th house, so we've really taken things slowly over the years.  Too slow I might add because I am ready to get this house decorated and done!

Basically the hubby and I wanted our Master Bedroom to be calm and serene with clean lines.  Nothing fancy, but just a place to getaway from the chaos of everyday life.  I decided to go with a dark orange, gray and brown color scheme.  Here are a few pics...

We love this full length mirror above from Ikea.   They call it a leaner mirror, but we quickly realized it's too short for that.  So my hubby hung it right on the wall!

These curtains below are simple faux silk panels from Target.  Target has a great selection of 95" inch curtains on-line, starting at only $25 a panel.  That's a great price considering many silk panels cost $100 each!  And every Master Retreat needs a little sitting area for reading or a place to slip your shoes on!  

  Ahhh, I am loving our new sunburst mirrors!  We bought these from, are you ready for this...Home Depot of all places for around $35 each.  They're from the Martha Stewart collection.  So fun getting a popular design trend without paying a lot of money.

So that's our Master Bedroom decorated on a budget!  We love it. It's clean and uncluttered with color and texture, yet still light and airy.  Okay guys, check out a few of our other Room Makeovers here!

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  1. I think you totally achieved what you intended Jane - serene and beautiful bedroom! Those mirrors are fabulous, have to check them out when I go there. :-)

    1. Thanks Vel! What is your blog url. Ive found you before. But when I goto your google profile, I don't see your blog link.

  2. It looks clean and serene - and i totally agree you need a comfy chair (or two) in the bedroom. (:

    1. Thanks! And yes, two chairs are better. Preferably comfy tufted linen club chairs from Layla Grace. Just sayin'


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