March 11, 2013

Springtime, our screened porch & a few plant loves...


We're back!  

Hey guys, well my blog is officially back after nearly all of those accidentally deleted photos have been yours truly ;)  So let's get back to our regularly scheduled blog posts shall we?

Today I am simply dreaming of Spring.  I seriously can't remember a year where I was more excited about warm weather, flip flops and just being outside with friends and family.  So in honor of that, I thought I'd share some of our favorite outdoor spaces and Spring plants around our house...

This is our screened porch and one of my favorite spaces!   Every year I plant shade loving ferns at the entrance and they thrive.  Literally they live from Springtime through to Fall.  And at $12 a plant, I don't think there's a more cost effective plant out there, except for Perennials of course, which come back year after year.

I just gave this space a makeover last year by adding new cushions in shades of tans, grays and browns.  This monochromatic space is calming and serene and just a great place to enjoy our 1/2 acre wooded back yard.  My favorite spot, no doubt is the porch swing!

Ahhh, more ferns that thrive in this overall shady spot by our garage.  

Now these are one of my favorite plants ever...elephant ears!  The hubby planted these (bulbs) among our azaleas and every year they grow larger and larger.  These actually won't begin to grown until May or June I think.  They love hot and humid weather.

Finally we've got our Rhododendrons and they are huge!  Actually their overgrown, but every year we just can't bare to cut them.  

Okay that's what a few of our outdoor spaces and plants look like around our house in the Spring and warmer months.  We've had a long, chilly and wet Winter...with just a little snow.  But all I can say is - I'm ready to get outside and enjoy the Sun!  

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  1. Oh sweetie!! thank you for sharing your beautiful spaces with us!!
    Spring has sprung


  2. Gorgeous screened porch! Makes me long for summer up here in the Northeast where the snow is still melting from Friday's storm.

    1. Hang in there Lisa, Spring will be even sweeter for you guys...having gone through so many snow storms!!

  3. Beautiful! I enjoyed this post so much. Blessings

  4. Boo! I want a screened in porch ;-) ...I do have the same wicker furniture and I was so excited to pull it out and clean it last week and now the weather is not playing nice. LOL

  5. Hello! I'm new to your blog... Can you tell me where you got your wicker patio furniture?

  6. Hello! I'm new to your blog... Can you tell me where you got your wicker patio furniture?

    1. Hi just saw this! We bought our wicker porch furniture from good ole' Target! I can't remember the name but they still sell it, and we love it!

  7. Where did you get your ceiling fan? It's just what we have been looking for for our sunroom. Thank you!

    Marilyn from Ohio


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