December 30, 2010

Frugalicious Friday!

Ahhh...Happy New Year!
"Mom, It's so good to be home" sweet daughter shouted!  But we certainly had a wonderful Holiday break this last week in warm cold and sunny Florida!  Yup, as many of you know the weather in the South has been chilly.  But that didn't stop us from having a great time...relaxing, boating and just spending quality time together with our extended Family!
We've got a super fun Giveaway lined up for next week's Frugalicious Friday, but nothing for today.  Hey, let's have some fun anyway and get our creative juices flowing for 2011!  And so without further delay, welcome to the 62nd edition of Frugalicious Friday!
  In case your new to Finding Fabulous click here, but otherwise you know the up your Fabulous, Thriftiest, most Frugalicious Home Decor finds! 
Yup, let's start the New Year Saving with $tyle...and give us the scoop on how you find Fabulous! 
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  1. Hey...I received my "win" from Willow House and it is fabulous. I got the beautiful glass ornaments in pastel colors and the tall glass hurricane to put them in. It looks amazing! Thanks so much for hosting such a terrific giveaway!!
    Happy New Year dearest and hugs

  2. I don't have anything to link up today, Jane, but just wanted to swing by and wish you a Happy New Year! : )

  3. Thanks for linkin' up guys...especially when things in blogland are pretty quiet right now!

    SueAnn, I'm so glad you love your Willow House items...congrats again!


  4. Holidays are so much fun but it is nice to get back into our normal routines. My Aunt lives in Orlando and I know it had been really cool there. Glad you still had a great time.

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours!!! Did you SNOWED yesterday in PHX!!! WHAT!??! Thanks so much for hosting!!! :)

  6. Thanks for hosting and Happy New Year Jane...

    Take care,


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