October 18, 2010

Red Letter Words...A Review!

If by chance you haven't heard of Red Letter Words...here's an example of their fabulous subway style art below!  Red Letter Words offers Faith Inspired Art and more!

We recently gave our bonus room a makeover!  Yup, this room went from a cluttered - toy filled play room for the kids... to a clean and comfortable media room/family room our whole family can enjoy!  If you missed this transformation click here.

This room had a large, empty wall that desperately needed some art work.  However I couldn't decided on a style.  The decor in the room is clean n' simple, so we needed something bold on the walls to really make a statement.  Then I came across the Red Letter Words website and was instantly inspired!

Take a look at our new - custom art work!  In addition to their large selection of ready made art...Red Letter Words creates custom art with your words...words that are special to you and your family!  We chose the themes of...

 Faith, Family and Sports!

So how do we like our new Family Room?  We LOVE it...and love watching movies and just spending time together in this new family friendly space everyone can enjoy!

Check out Red Letter Words...you will love their unique artwork!  Because at RLW's it's all about honoring your Faith, thinking outside the design box, and just living with the words that inspire us every day! 

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  1. Love the look!! The room looks so cozy =)

  2. Thank you Ashley...can't say enough great things about Red Letter Words!


  3. Love your subway art-so personal-makes it extra special!

  4. I love your new artwork, they really look great in your space!!

  5. The new family room is fabulous! And the subway art is perfect! In fact, I would have liked to see it a little taller on that wall! Just saying!

  6. Love the way the room turned out, Jane! I like the simplicity of it, as well as the sectional, which looks quite nap worthy! : )

  7. I love your room -- looks like the perfect place to relax.

  8. These look so good! I love the themes you choose. It hits the perfect balance between classy and personal. :) I love your site!


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